Weekly Announcements

  • The first full week with your New Chiefs! New and improved?

  • Remember to do your qGenda Training in MyKnowledge

  • If you have renewed your ACLS and BLS certification, please send your certificated to Liz

  • Still aren’t sure yet of what to do after residency?  Consider IM-STAR programs here at UC! It is a great way for physicians interested in improving health and healthcare for patients and/or driving policy change. Applications are due July 13.  For more information, please reach out to Ashley Jenkins (jenkinal@ucmail.uc.edu)

  • R3’s please continue working on your offboarding scavenger hunt, Natalie will give you a special prize if you do

  • Golden Requests Due by: June 24th @ 8pm

  • Seniors! Please help the new rising seniors by swapping roles for a day - have them take all the calls and run the team while seniors do the intern tasks.  Be sure to give feedback and advice for next year!

  • Come meet the new interns at the Welcome Picnic June 15th (Otto Armleder Park, 12-4pm)