Weekly Announcements: 3/22/19

  • Emails went out for schedule requests are out for categorical IM residents for the 2019-20 year. Please fill them out ASAP and get in touch with the chiefs if you have any questions

  • Interested in being involved in any of the improvement groups from the Program's Survey? Get in touch with the designated chief of whatever group your interested in to become involved

  • Make sure you complete the 2019 ACGME Program Survey! Gracias

  • Baseball season is coming soon and Reds tickets are available for residents. Please email Mara or Amanda if you are interested in getting tickets!

  • The IM Research Symposium with guest speaker is happening 4/5, Save the Date!

  • Resident mailboxes are filling up! Please stop by the IM office to clean them out!!

  • Feedback and improvement sessions for Geographic Wards will be every Tuesday and Friday in the UH NRR at 2PM. Come by with any thoughts. Remember to use the UCMC Geographic Wards page for updated information

  • Please continue submitting Shout Outs and tagging your pictures to @outsidethesilverfridge on Instagram