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Dr. Ohlbaum's Explanation

The interesting thing on this EKG is the rhythm. If you look at the rhythm strip part (the 3 lines at the bottom) and follow across, you will see that something changes during the EKG.

The first 2 beats have P waves and then a normal looking QRS (so does the last one). But the rest of the complexes are different. The 3rd PR is too short to be realistic and then the QRS complexes are wide and coming sooner and sooner so that the QRS which is wide seems to be moving up to "cover" the P wave. The PP interval is just a tiny bit shorter than the RR interval. The QRS is wide and funny looking and the ST and T waves are different. There is then a PVC and a pause and the last complex is normal. I thought about WPW but the RR is just shorter than the PP and the last QRS complex before the PVC is actually on top of the P wave.

This is an accelerated idioventricular rhythm at a very similar rate to the sinus rate.

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