EKG of the Week

This patient was an otherwise healthy 57 year old who presented with the flu, fever to 104, no chest pain, hemodynamically stable.

+ EKG Interpretation

Dr. Ohlbaum's Explanation

To look at the EKG in an organized way:

  • NSR, rate 90.
  • No ectopy.
  • Normal PR.

But when you look at QRS and then ST you see something odd in Vl and V2 that was not present on the old ekg. What do you think?

This is a typical Brugada syndrome morphology. Type one Brugada syndrome described as "coved" ST elevation, J point elevation at least 2mm in Vl/2, gradually downtrending ST and inverted Tin Vl and V2.

Brugada syndrome is genetic, condition with abnormal electrical activity, prone to ventriculararrhythmias.

The pattern may come and go and is often PRECIPITATED BY FEVER.

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