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Dr. Ohlbaum's Explanation

This EKG was done on an asymptomatic elderly patient with an irregular rhythm.

The computer called it atrial fibrillation. What do you think? Well, are there P waves? When I look at the rhythm strip (either V1 or II) I can see clear P waves that march through the tracing, so clearly NOT atrial fibrillation!

There are regular P waves so the atrial mechanism is sinus (The atrial rate is actually about 70 so not sinus brady). Are there QRS complexes? Some of the P waves are followed by QRS complexes but some are not, so 2nd degree AV block. Is it Mobitz I or II? Well the PR is short, then longer and longer until a QRS is dropped so it is Mobitz I.

Looking at the QRS, it is wide (140 msecs about right), why? There is an RSR’ in V1 and deep broad S waves in the lateral leads  this is a nice example of a RBBB.


Sinus rhythm with 2nd degree AV block Mobitz I, and a RBBB.

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