Weekly Announcements

Just a quick reminder about protocol for holdovers (both for going from long call into nights AND night into the AM). The hold overs for long call are patients called up from 7:30 - 8PM and for the night team are patients called up after 6AM. The expectation is that the resident team called will return the call to bedboard, lay eyes on the patient, and place basic skeleton orders. It is then their job to signout the patient to the oncoming team

Long-blockers, miss AAP this week? Check out the documentation resources on the website under inpatient logistics. Danielle Weber will also find another time to have a session for residents interested in finding out tricks for documentation and learning some essentials for billing.

The Doctor's Dilemma group has begun practicing and you are invited! Keep an eye out for invitations and please join the team!

If you haven't already, check out the website's newest addition - the "Weekly EKG" will be posted every Friday. It's a fantastic way to practice your EKG interpretation skills. Check it out!

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