Weekly Announcements: 7/13/18

We've had some changes with Amion! Do not panic! Here are some of the highlights of the changes:

  • Instead of "cincim" our internal medicine schedule is now saved under "UC IM"
  • Continue to use "UC" to access subspecialty schedules
  • Contact Jillian Nolte if there are any issues
  • Amion is looking for feedback, if you have any let Jillian Nolte know

FYI, they are replacing the locks for the call rooms on July 20th. Interns should go pick up their call room keys from Liz Bauke in the internal medicine office in MSB 6th floor

If you didn't notice, Dr. Warm now has his own section of the website called "The Annals of Dr. Warm" and he has made his inaugural post. Check it out!!

For residents that had abstracts accepted to ACP Ohio, congratulations!!Couple of important things to keep in mind:

  1. The IM program will take care of registration and cover the cost
  2. We will provide coverage for your clinical duties to help you get to the conference
  3. We are able to offer mileage reimbursements, but residents have to carpool
  4. For those going for the 1-day presentation, you are expected to drive up and back the same day, but should they choose to stay overnight, they’d be responsible for the cost.

The Resident Spouse Association (RSA) is open to all spouses and significant others of residents. They have monthly dinners for members (at places like Nada, E+O Kitchen, Casa Figueroa), a monthly book club, several children’s group events each month, and different community outreach events (volunteering, 5k’s for a cause, etc). Aside from $20 yearly dues, all events are free! There is a Welcome Picnic (spouses and kids invited) on July 22 at Dogwood Park. For more info about the group check out the website or the FB group called “Cincinnati RSA.”

Please remember to consider transferring patients to Ridgeway if they qualify. Not sure if your patient is appropriate for Ridgeway? Check out the Ridgeway patient criteria in the Logistics section of "Inpatient Resources" of the website

Keep an eye out for ITE schedules! They will be coming out soon. The internal medicine ITE is at the end of August and early September, never to early to be quizzing yourself to study

Please continue submitting Shout Outs and tagging your pictures to @outsidethesilverfridge on Instagram