Dr Warm's Favorite Dishes

I want to thank Gene and his team for setting up this amazing website!

I also appreciate having this section to share my (semi-random) thoughts with you. I will update frequently. I hope to be helpful and enlightening. If not, then at least amusing :)

So, to kick things off, I’d like to show my admiration for the new residents. They’ve come with high spirits, high interpersonal skill, and it’s been a great start to residency. I just came off the wards with the Orange Team (shout out to Cat and Thomas) — a very fun team leading with heart.  I was particularly impressed with the night float interns who presented to our team — Danny, Kate, Anum, and Christian were simply amazing — no way you could tell this was their first rotation of residency.

My kids recently returned from camp. When they are away my wife and I celebrated by going out to dinner 25 nights in a row. To this end, here are the 10 best things I like to eat in Cincinnati — no particular order. Interns  — as you explore the city, what list will you come up with?

  • Chicken Tikka Masala — Ambar India or Baba India
  • Fish Tacos — Mezunte
  • Sweet and Sour Walleye — Wild Ginger
  • Spaghetti and Meat Sauce — Spinning Fork
  • Chili 3 Way — Melt
  • Toffee Chip Ice Cream — Graeters
  • Massaman Curry — The Lemon Grass
  • Shimp Lo Mein — Yat Ka Mein
  • Salad Bar — Frisch’s Mainliner (don’t judge!)
  • Stracciatella Gelato — Buona Terra