Weekly Announcements: 6/29/18

Big thank you to all the interns, faculty, and staff that helped make intern orientation and R2 retreat a success this week!

The new intern class has started!! Congratulations on completing your first few days as first-year residents! 363 days to go :)

Seniors! Please fill out the Golden Request Form by July 1 for golden weekend requests in September and October

Shouts outs are a way to acknowlege good work you've seen done by your fellow co-workers. Submit them on the website whenever you want to acknowledge someone. Think of it like a virtual fist bump

Intern Boot Camp has now begun! The chiefs will discuss different challenges that arise during intern year and how to approach common problems. It will happen every Monday, Tuesday, Friday for the next two weeks both at UCMC (in noon report room) and the VA (resident work room)

We are having some issues with Amion and clinic schedule. Please rely on EPIC for your clinic schedule until further notice

Internal Medicine residents are now eligible for a big discount on gym membership at the Cincinnati Sports Club starting in mid-July. If you’re interested then email kinneabn@ucmail.uc.edu about enrolling for a membership

Follow our Instagram account for the website @outsidethesilverfridge, tag us and we will post your pictures!