How to post EKGs

  1. Go to most recent EKG of the Week post

  2. Click ‘edit’ and then ‘duplicate’ at the bottom

  3. A “Copy of EKG of the Week” will be created

  4. Change individual components

    1. Name: “EKG of the Week”

    2. Change the EKG image - make sure there are no identifiers

    3. Change the patient blurb at the bottom, you may need to edit Dr Ohlbaum’s abbreviations a tad

    4. Change the explanation, it is helpful to break up the long paragraphs here

      1. # Dr. Ohlbaum's Explanation 

        **explanation here**

        # Further Reading: 

  5. Copy the link URL (you should be able to find the URL extension under the "options" tab again.  Go to the Index of EKGs and add a the newest EKG to the section where it belongs (sample URL:***)

  6. Finally, you must add it to the random generator

    1. Go to the settings for the (the gear link) for Index of EKGs site

    2. Go to advanced and find the Java code

    3. You will see where to copy past the above URL in the code