Shout Outs 1/18/19:

  • To Neil Patel for the best VA nights a senior could ask for!

  • To Anjali Chadayamurri for taking initiative to meet with the 8S nursing staff before and after rounds. Way to take advantage of geography and strive for improvements in patient care!

  • To Tony Casillas, Rishi Sharma, Victoria Eby, Robert Kassinger, and David Foote for your incredibly hard work on the Orange Team. It’s a busy hospital and you all are doing amazing things.

  • To Anjali Chadayamurri, Tony Casillas, Jesse Rhodes, Natalie Hood for your attendance at the 3 PM Geo Ward improvement meetings. Thank you for your insights and suggestions to make this an optimal system!

  • To Eric Vick for filling in on Jeopardy! Thank you. PSA: Wash your hands or this infectious diarrhea will get you!

  • To Eunhee Lee, Cailey Miller, Kelsy Sparks, Jillian Thompson, Taku Xu, and Logan Roof for your dedication to the IMPACT and CHAMPIONS pathway. Can’t wait to see what improvements you all bring forward at UC!

  • To Heba Albasha for rocking some amazing fashion choices this week!

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