Shout Outs 10/4/19

  • Big shout out to the following who have done all three sets of MKSAP questions so far. Keep up the good work! Zachary Ahart, Mir Ali, Abby Baumgartle, Adrianna Calleo, Anum Choudhry, Jared Friedman, Sabih Jafri, Sarah Khan, Ahmed Memon, Nathanael Moore, Hassan Saleh, Gordon Shott, Ismaeel Siddiqi, Andrew Steinmetz, Marcus Trybula, Christina Vojtek, Chris Zhou

  • My shout out last week got screened out. I’ll try to really sell it this time. Shout out to Trung aka Dr. Giggles. His patients love him. Even requested him as their PCP! He also does a superb job of keeping his co-intern well caffeinated #tellusaboutyourchestpain #idonthavechestpain #yesyoudo #iwasinamotorcycleaccident #kwrongpatientbye

  • To Patrick Sullivan, for excellent leadership for a very tachycardic patient at shift change.

  • To Paul Merchant and Hassan Saleh, for being total code blue bosses. Saved the day.

  • To Dr. Ajayi, Dr. Smulian and the whole VA staff for creating an exciting environment for learning and most importantly for top of the line medical care!

  • To Aaron and Max of VA Team 3. Gentleman, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, medical acumen and down right exemplary work ethic. You’ve embodied the true meaning of being a doctor and I for one wish to be like you all when I grow up. #HighSaltDiet #WhenEverybodyZigsYouZag #SecondPuberty

  • To Paul Thomas Merchant for outstanding Doctoring. He’s one to always think through what’s in the patients best interest. Always making sure communication is at SAVANT levels. Dare I say, Man’s Greatest Resident? #MGR #PTMTheLasixATM #LasixIsLove #HeartStuff #TheKidneyKid #20InchRimsOnHisEscalade

    See something good? Feeling grateful for your teammate? Shout it out!

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