Shout Outs 12/7/18:

  • To Andrea Portocarrero Castillo for some great work in the MICU recently. Her attending said she received 2 compliments from 2 separate families on her MICU rotation. She had great rapport with patient’s and their families and was wonderful to work with. From an impressed MICU attending

  • To Josh Dajac who was also recently shouted out by his MICU attending. Josh made an intentional effort to connect with families and had multiple difficult conversations that he handled extremely well. From an “astounded” MICU attending

  • To Logan Roof for giving a poor intern a quick summary of malignant hematology before academic half day.

  • To Brandon Riedlinger for coordinating an urgent MRI spine with anesthesia overnight for a patient on a PCA pump and O2 requirement. From a grateful senior.

  • To Akhil Kher, Annie Wehry, Hilary Whitsett, Kelsey Sparks, and Maria Seymour, for going above and beyond to help out their co-residents! From a co-resident that literally couldn't find the words to thank them

  • To Bo Franklin for a strong sweater game during the interview season. Baby it’s cold outside….

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