Shout Outs 3/15/19:

  • To Miles Hagner for his commitment to ensuring that our B-pod shifts are always entertaining!

  • Shout out to Neil Patel for being so gracious and in general a great human being, and to Jason Seymour for being adaptable and learning quickly on the fly! Thank you both for working so hard. From a TOTALLY anonymous senior

  • To Sarah Weiskittel-Cahill for some great work at the VA!

  • To Brian May for an excellent, and quite entertaining, Senior Prep this week. Who knew Derm could be such a delight!

  • To Andy Wells for some excellent teaching of MS2’s in the clinical skills lab. But for some reason they are all leaving only asking about chest pain???

  • To Matt Doers, Ashley Cattran, Patricio Alzamora, Jen Leddon for coming to the fellowship prep session for PGY-2s! Thank you for all your advice and insight!

  • To Annie Wehry for some helpful jeopardy coverage. Gracias

  • To Cailey Miller and Mir Ali for helping out a chief in a scheduling pinch. You all are the real MVPs

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