Shout Outs 5/24/19:

  • To Andrea for handling one million rapids and codes on AOD, some of which were simultaneous, and still smiling during the whole process!

  • To all who have recently filled in on jeopardy and all the other residents not on jeopardy who also helped cover shifts - we greatly appreciate your help in such a busy time. It does not go unnoticed!

  • To Sarah Cahill, Matt Doers, Anuj Shukla, Casey Hudson, and Natalie Hood who came to the senior input session for Geo Wards improvements

  • To Danielle Weber and Danielle Clark who has put a TON of work into brainstorming and designing ways to improve UH Wards for the following academic year. A bright future ahead. Thank you for your leadership!

  • To Kamal Kassem for being flexible with his schedule and helping out some chiefs in a pinch

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