Shout Outs 8/16/19:

  • Shout out to Liz Bauke for having our backs every step of the way. #MVP

  • Shout out to Dr Collins for preparing a fascinating noon report case of infiltrative cardiomyopathy!

  • To the entire UC crew for doing a great job submitting duty hours in such a timely manner - <3 Amanda Kramer

  • To Jean Pannikottu for repping her neuroanatomy knowledge and recognizing that an acute facial droop was a Bell's Palsy instead of a stroke and subsequently initiating a much more cost effective workup for the patient. From a proud neurology friend.

  • Shout out to Christa Nnoromele for taking care of business day in and day out on a crazy service. Hard work does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you.

  • To Molly, Patrick, and Katie for taking care of some very sick patients on the Orange Team! You three are extraordinary med students and soon to be excellent doctors! Your work ethic is contagious and it’s been a pleasure working with you all. As I handed off overnight admissions to y’all, I knew they were going to get the best care possible. Never change, seize the moment, and keep making us proud!!!!

  • To Catherine Strahle and Matt Kurian for being the coolest seniors in the world! Y’all are the real life version of Meredith and Alex from Grey’s!! You were so kind and helpful. So intelligent and astute! When I grow up, I wanna be like y’all!! P.s. BEST MUSIC TASTE IN THE WHOLE RESIDENCY. #OVO #DrakeJustStandForDoRightAndKillEverything

  • To Kelly Thomas who is a steady leader in a storm. #OhCaptainMyCaptain

  • To Samantha Puckett for being an amazing doctor! She is the superstar intern of the orange team!! She gives amazing sign out, knows her patients so well, goes the extra mile for them and always closes the loop on important follow ups. THE ORANGE TEAM NIGHT FLOAT APPRECIATES YOU. We think you’re amazing. #MEDPEDS #PRESTIGE

  • To David Kleesattel, for being an amazing father and all around human. You deserve to be shouted out every day, but alas all we can do is remind ourselves every Friday of how amazing you are. Fresh haircut btw man. You sir are who I aspire to be in life. P.s. I miss you. #ScopeSquad

  • To Saavia Girgla, because when you’re as good at being a Doctor/AOD/Teacher/INSPIRATION, you deserve more than a shout out. You deserve the world, and I have no doubt you’ll take it over one day!!! I can see it now, ACC 2025, the crowd is going wild. Eminem’s Lose Yourself is playing. MOMS SPAGHETTI. Saavia is the keynote speaker on a new PCSK9 inhibitor. Future so bright, gotta put shades on.

  • To Annie Wehry for leading 20 people in code, and not missing a beat. You are a superstar. You are an amazing leader. YOU ARE WHO WE ASPIRE TO BE. The room was calm because you were cool and confident. It was like a master symphony. A real sight to see!

  • Shout out to Rhea Rubin for who will be presenting at CHEST! #whoruntheworld?

  • To Gordon Shott and Ahmed Memon for being the two most intensely optimistic humans I have ever known.

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