Shout Outs 2/15/19:

  • Congratulations to Nikki Boscheutz for being a new mama! She gave birth to baby Levi this week and both are doing great! We can’t wait to meet him. Love, your UC family

  • Shout out to Chandler Brobst for warming up Rhea’s chair in clinic (this is kind of a weird shout out, y’all)

  • To DJ HW for bringing the jams to the clinic work room. From your fellow clinicers

  • Shout out to Heba Albasha for being an all around studly intern, making my job as a senior basically obsolete. From a grateful senior

  • Props to Thomas Sanford for being a thorough, efficient, smart and overall pleasant VA night intern! You're a vocera boss and a puzzle-champion. From a grateful night senior. :)

  • Big spacing and recall shout out to Mir for his great acid base answer at board review this week!

  • Shout out to the absolutely stellar Purple team, from a grateful senior

  • Huge, huge thanks to Dr. Kamireddy for taking the time to supervise an overnight LP!

  • Thanks to Allison Stickles for being a great night AOD- efficient, knowledgeable, and always keeping an eye out on other teams and helping out without being prompted to make sure all patients are getting great care!

  • Shout out to Reza for a great job managing some very sick patients on a difficult first day on the GI service

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