Shout Outs 4/19/19:

  • To Chandler Brobst and Josh Jameson for filling in on clinic even when not on jeopardy. You were both a HUGE help! Thank you. From a grateful chief!

  • To Franklyn Boothe for some MAJOR efforts coordinating follow-up appointments for a patient who has been admitted for 150 days!

  • To all the PGY3s -- I asked for assistance with coverage in June and was immediately flooded with offers to help. What a lovely group and what a great culture of support and teamwork! I'm going to miss you guys!!!

  • To Andy Wells and Rob Sibilia for making nights a much more pleasant and relaxing experience, courtesy of the #driphouse!

  • To Patrick Kosciuk, Alex Garbarino, and Malik Khan for coming to the pulmonary HTN Academic Half Day and presenting some excellent fellow teaching. Thank you for all the knowledge!!

  • To Gordon Shott for having an excellent attitude always

  • To the incoming PGY1 class of 2019-20 who is apparently crushing their onboarding requirements in a timely manner! A strong start for a strong class!!

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