The 2019 Resident Olympics


The tradition continues! Residency Olympics is BACK for 2019! Every year we take this time to team up, have some fun during noon report time, and enjoy some friendly competition amongst residents.

Below you will find the schedule (which is also on the program’s Google calendar), team assignments, and periodic score updates.

HAVE FUN! And let the games begin!!!!


Olympics Teams

Olympic Teams.png

Olympics Schedule

olympics cal.PNG
  • CAP WARS: Each team will have a jar in the chief's office. Deposit a lid for points or sabotage!

    - Mountain Dew Cap: -5
    - Pepsi Cap: -2
    - Gatorade Cap: -1
    - Water Cap: +10

  • JUNIOR MINT TOSS: Join us for the time-honored tradition of the Junior Mint Toss. Event is held in the old surgical amphitheater in B Pavillion.

    - In the cup: 30 points
    - In & Out: 10 points
    - In the vicinity: 5 points

  • STEP COUNTER: Use your phone, smart watch, fit-bit etc to count your steps each day. The day starts at midnight and lasts 24 hours. Send a screenshot or photo of your total steps in the past 24 hours to Elyse at 832-326-4102. Include YOUR NAME in text. If student or attending, please include intern or senior name as well for your proxy. Steps from prior day are due no later than noon the next day. 

  • PUB TRIVIA: Monday Feb 18 at 7:30PM at The Pub in Rookwood Mews. Show up for your team and crush the bar trivia for points

  • ART SUBMISSIONS: Let your creativity shine! Submit artistic works for mega points. We accept drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, film, music, poetry, writings, etc. If you'd like to remain anonymous, please submit with your team name instead. Does not need to be related to the field of medicine. Due before 8 am on Judgement Day 2/27. 

  • MEME SUBMISSIONS: Use the meme generator of your choice and make us all laugh. Submit to Elyse at Due before 8 am on Judgement Day 2/27. 

  • TOKYO KITTY KARAOKE NIGHT: Sunday Feb 24th, 7pm. Sing for points and have robots deliver your drinks

  • DRESS LIKE AN ATTENDING: FEB 25th at noon. Pick your favorite fashion-forward (or fashion-awkward) attending and impress us with an impersonation for a day!