Academic Half Day: Acute Kidney Injury

This week in AHD, we will be discussing Acute Kidney Injury ( not AKI, you can’t bill for that). I have attached a few articles to review beforehand including a NEJM article, one from American Journal of Kidney Disease, and two from the Choosing Wisely Campaign. Enjoy!

The first is a nice review from NEJM that puts AKI and CKD on a spectrum which is always fun. In this article, you’ll find the definition we will use for acute kidney injury. The article on urinalysis has great pictures and explanations of urine microscopy. The final two articles talk about the benefit of getting urine eosinophils to diagnose AIN as well as the usefulness of FENa calculation. We will hear more about this from our expert this week: the always entertaining, Dr. Kamath.